Moving from a Wishbone Trike to a pedal bike at 2 years. Crazy right?!

If I told you that my children all learnt to ride a pedal bike without training wheels by the age of 3 you would probably think I was telling you Porkie Pies. Ok so my son was 1 week shy of 3 and my daughters rode the day before their birthday but they were 2 all the same. Had someone have told me that they would do this, I would have thought that it was impossible. So how did my kids learn to ride at such a young age? Free of fear, free of grazed knees and free of tears? I’d love to share our story because honestly, 4 years ago I was like you, just a new mum searching online for a practical, fun, keepsake that my energetic son could spend his first birthday money on when I stumbled across the most amazing product. This was our Wishbone Trike journey, please excuse the lack of professionalism, I am sharing with you the unedited moments of our family life…

Our Wishbone Trike Journey

15 months: From the moment Mr C laid eyes on his Wishbone Trike he loved it. Starting off slowly, he would take tiny steps forward guiding his bike. His first ride…

17 months: Over the next 2 months he became more familiar with the bike and gained confidence and control gradually increasing his speed and direction…

18 months: Gaining even more confidence and control. Time to start little trips. Off to the park we go…
wishbone bike the coolest balance bike

2.5 years old: Super confident now. The trike was converted to a bike at 2.4 months and it took about 3 weeks to widen his stride and glide whilst riding. Hold onto your hats!

Christmas day 1 week before his 3rd birthday: After watching the big boys at the park most afternoons on their pedal bikes, Mr C was desperate for a bike with pedals to be like them. Santa to the rescue! Here’s the big moment. My heart was racing, trying to wear a brave face. Pre-warning…one excited mum!

Boxing day: There was no stopping him!

Today: Although Mr C can ride a pedal bike with efficiency, he still loves his Wishbone Trike and can frequently be found riding around the neighbourhood most afternoons with his Dad and sisters.

wishbone balance bike learn to ride with confidence without training wheels

3 Terrific Tips (besides ensuring appropriate safety gear is worn) when little ones are learning to ride a bike:

  1. Learning to ride should be fun.  Although my kids were what I would consider young to ride a pedal bike we let them guide us.  Mr C had enough balance at 24 months to convert the trike to a bike but he missed the speed and control he had with the trike, so we switched back for a few months until he was ready for a new challenge.
  2. Balance is the key to learning to ride without training wheels.  It develops over time with exposure to stabilising activities and practise. I don’t like seeing people spend their hard earn cash on several plastic ride on toys that kids outgrow quickly or break,  instead I highly suggest the Wishbone Trike, not only for its quality and functionality,  but for the fact it can be used from a young age for several years and then passed down to other siblings.  If your child it 5 + years, purchase a bike and remove the pedals (most bikes last approximately 2 years until kids outgrow them).
  3. Learn to pedal. Eventually learning how to pedal becomes important when riding a bike.  Without momentum you won’t be going far.  Practise the continuous circular movement off the bike and then hold your child’s seat whilst they try it on the bike.  It won’t take your child long to get the idea.

wishbone trike 3 in 1