Wishbone Balance Bike Review:

In April 2015, two became three. We were always an active family who enjoyed sport and being outdoors.  Before Mr. T came along, we’d spend our down time exploring the outdoors, climbing mountains, going 4WD in the outback, swimming in waterholes and generally speaking, searching for the path less travelled.  When Mr. T joined the show we had to slow down our adventuring but we still always looked for outdoor activities, most importantly ones we can do together.

As Mr. T has grown we have looked for products and toys that are practical, durable and fit our lifestyle.  For example, in our search for a pram, it had to be one that could go “off-road” and handle more than city streets and pavement.  Generally speaking, his toys are made of natural materials.  Sourcing local, sustainable products, such as environmentally-friendly, natural toys, are an important value of our family. We have a range of up-cycled wooden toys, and a series of durable trucks made from recycled plastic. We hope to instil Mr. T with the knowledge and understanding of considering the environment in our choices, this hopefully becoming a natural part of the decisions he will make as he grows up.

A Wishbone Trike Introduction…

I first saw a wishbone bike when my friend’s kids started to use them.  They could go anywhere, and the fun they had whilst using their imagination in play was inspiring!

Mr.T received a wishbone bike for his first birthday. He wasn’t walking, but it did not take him long to get mobile on his wishbone bike! He could make his way all through the house, (much to both our disgust -the dirt! the skirting boards! the door frames! -and amusement) and out the backyard!
wishbone balance bike review

Wishbone Balance Bike Features…


As he has grown, he can take it on any surface, across all terrain.  He still uses it in the three-wheel format, but the seat has gone up significantly.  He is so excited about his bike that any time we have attempted to flip the frame or take it to two wheels, he jumps on it to go for a ride; I may have to wait until he has gone to bed to make some changes to it!!

3 in 1 wishbone bike


We all love the bike, the quality and workmanship is amazing.  The timber frame is beautiful, solid but not heavy.  The bike has had 18 moths of solid use and even today when he was riding it in town at the market, people approach, commenting on the bike asking who made it for him, certain that is handmade or ask where they can get one the same!  Without a doubt, every time the bike is out in public, someone always approaches and asks us about it, where it is from and commenting how wonderful it is.  I believe this is directly related to the quality off the bike and its aesthetic appeal.


The bike was so easy to put together.  The instructions were really explicit and clear, making it so simple to put together.  From cracking open the box to final touches, assembly took under 15 minutes.

The bike is made to grow with the child.  As I mentioned previously, he started using it before he could walk, now we are ready to flip the frame to accommodate his growing body and go down to two wheels for him to further develop his balancing skills.

Comfort and Support

It’s actually really difficult to pin-point one particular feature that stood out from the rest. It is all-round a really well-designed bike. It’s beautiful timber frame is elegant and sleek but completely practical; it provides comfort and support with padded seat and rubber grips; and it’s ergonomic as it caters to the size of the child and grows with them until they are ready to pedal.


It is so easy to manoeuvre and Mr. T can take it through tight spaces, reverse to get where he needs to go and it has a small enough turning circle so it’s not cumbersome.  The weight of the bike is evenly distributed and the odd time it has tipped was when Mr. T was up to his stunt man antics and was hanging off one side of it.  The wishbone is so sturdy that he can stand on the seat whilst it is rolling and it safely supports his weight.


The only feature I would love to see is no-puncture tyres, either solid foam like the pram tyres or ones that come with green puncture resistant goo in them.  We are regularly repairing tyres as Mr. T’s adventuring takes its toll on the wheels, and the three-corner jacks don’t help.

Interest level

I can’t even begin to explain how much Mr. T loves his bike.  He had a short hiatus when he decided he wanted a scooter, but his interest there was short lived, and I can safely say that his Wishbone Bike is still the favourite.

Not so long ago we flew to Sydney to visit family.  Mr. T tried to pack his helmet and bring his bike in the car, adamant it was coming with him. He was absolutely devastated when he realised his time away meant no “ride bike”

He insists on riding almost every day, whether it has a flat tyre, it is raining or its the middle of a 40 degree day.  Nothing has deterred his interest in the wishbone bike and if another child looks at his bike let alone touches it- good luck.  Mr. T is quite good at sharing but his bike is exempt!

Wishbone Bike Accessories

We haven’t ventured as far as personalising Mr. T’s bike.  If he knew he could do it I honestly don’t know where it would stop.  Saying that I think the option of personalising a child’s bike is so special and individual; it can be anything they want it to be. The coloured hand grips, seat , stickers and name plate are a great way to make a “this is my bike” statement!

Since Mr. T has just started to loudly vocalise his favourite colours maybe a personalise name plate and coloured grip and seat will be a great Christmas present.

wooden balance bike review

wishbone balance bike accessories add a personal touch to your wishbone

Would you recommend the 3 in 1 Wishbone Bike to friends and family?

I would absolutely recommend the wishbone bike to friends.  We also frequently recommend it to the strangers who approach us about the bike whist we are out and about. Once we saw our friend’s children with them we knew that this was something that our little man would love too. We have no doubt that any child would get the same joy out of a wishbone bike also.

In regards to value for money, it’s simple – absolutely. There are so many bikes on the market for all the stages that children go through as they are exploring and growing. The Wishbone is a great all-in-one from one-year-old to five years and possibly beyond. We often see other families at the park that have so many different bike/trike/scooters/other things on wheels every time we see them, that it’s a wonder they have space for them all in their yard. With the Wishbone, there is no need for going out and buying a new product every six months, you only need the one. The Wishbone bike is #1 at our house and I’m certain it will be at yours too if you invest!

The wishbone bike is without a doubt Mr. T’s favourite and it’s has consistently been his “go to” for the past 18 months.  It’s the only bike a child will need until they are ready to graduate to pedals.  The beautiful design and craftsman ship means your little one will outgrow it before they out wear it!


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wishbone bike comes in wooden and recycled carpet