When it comes to end of year gifts, as a teacher, I can honestly say we get so many lovely thoughtful gifts, but sometimes, believe it or not, there can be ‘too much’ of a good thing if you know what I mean! Now I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, I really don’t, and I know that several teachers survive the day as a result of their fixes of coffee or repair those dry, chalk neglected hands with hand cream but I’m sad to say, the reality is there are only so many mugs and beauty products that our cupboards can store.  With so many teachers spending their hard earned wages on resources and creating environments so that our kids can learn best, we have put together a list of teacher gifts we know your child’s teacher will love as well as show how appreciative you are.  Each gift also comes with a downloadable printable you can add to your gift.

Teacher gifts we’ll really love

Easy Read Time Teacher Classroom Clock

This clock is genius for teaching kids the time and will save us from having to re-design a conventional for all of the various features we require to teach time. Coupled with a note, “You gave me your time-the most thoughtful gift of all.  Love _____” Our hearts are bound to swell with appreciation.

teacher gifts they will love

Bully Book

Teaching isn’t all about academics, it’s about nurturing and guiding the whole child.  Any resource that helps us to connect with children, teach them kindness, to stand up for unjustness and develop their confidence and resilience is a winner.  This is why “My Discreet Bully”  is a must have.  A powerful, relatable book written by a Melbourne 13-year-old, Monique M (a victim of bullying) to empower children to consider their behaviour towards others, to spread kindness and combat bullying.

teacher gifts and great classroom bullying resources

Funny Things Kids Say Book

This is one of the teacher gifts I wish I had of received whilst teaching.  Kids come out with the funniest things don’t they? I still remember one of my Preps telling her Dad that I was going on my Honeymoon soon which meant that I ‘was going to put honey on the moon’.  There are so many little phrases I wish I had of recorded along the way that I can no longer recall. This handy little book would have been ideal- so glad I have one for my own kids.

Post Box

Such a gorgeous post box could be used in the classroom for the place to post absent, excursion or happy notes at the beginning of the day.  It could be employed as a powerful way for children to express their worries when they feel they can’t discuss them or even a fun way to build relationships and explore the genre of letter writing.

Why not use this as a class present and have each child in the class write their own ‘thank you’ letter and post it in the letter box?  Present the post box with all the heart-warming letters inside.

classroom letterbox for teacher notes


A great one for focus and relieving stress.  Teamed with our little, “It takes a big heart to shape little minds”.  We think your teacher will love it!

teacher gifts

Slime, Hydrophobic Sand and Snow

These great little gifts will bring smiles all round when teachers are ‘feeling snowed under’ and feeling the end of year pressure.

science play for teachers

Grimms Wooden Rainbow

Every classroom needs colour.  How about these gorgeous Grimms rainbows for teacher gifts? We adore this little printable to go with it, “Inside every child is a rainbow waiting to shine.  Thanks for brightening up my year”.

grimms rainbow for the classroom

Heart felt notes

My favourite gift of all to receive is actually the most economical gift of all.  A note/card written from the heart.  I have a box full of them at home.  I have kept EVERY.SINGLE.ONE from parents and students.  Each one of your children becomes a part of our hearts, not just for the year we teach them, but for eternity. As the years drift by, we wonder what became of them, if they fulfilled the dreams they conjured up at 5 (yes even if it was to become a dinosaur).  We hope they are happy, have known love from several people-including themselves, are self-assured and healthy.