Our online toy store proudly offers your kids baby gifts and educational toys they are bound to love

Sick of toys that get broken or used for 5 seconds and are never touched again? Tired of toys that simply teach your child how to touch a button for the same reaction every time? So are your kids! Our toy store aims to provide a unique experience that will leave you inspired.

We at Sweet Elephants have first-hand experience of how some products can bring joy to the lives of children as well as teach them several skills. Our products are used within our own families and in classrooms across the world. We chose products for longevity-for both boys and girls, that can be used for many learning experiences and can be handed down to the generations or siblings to come.

Toys that consider the whole child

Our educational gifts support the development of Literacy, Numeracy, Science, Sensory Skills, Gross and Fine Motor Skills, Social Skills and so much more.

Open-ended play is crucial for child development and is improved with well selected materials. Products such as our large range of wooden blocks, costumes, sensory activities and all assist the pretend play processes, not only making it fun, but also meaningful.

Kids gifts for every occasion

What better gift than to provide a child with an item that is bound to develop lifelong skills and initiate multiple magical adventures? Perfect for birthdays, Christenings, Naming days, Preparing for pre-school or primary or simply to show you care, our online toy store is sure to have products that will impress and you can order right from the comfort of your home.

Don’t forget to check out our awesome ‘Sweet Rewards’ program during your journey. Happy exploring!