Whole Herd

//Whole Herd

A selection of cool toys that the whole herd will love

One size does not always fit all, but imagine a bunch of cool toys and gifts that no-one can resist…ones that will suit the whole herd in one way or another, appealing to a range of different skill levels. We’ve put together our must have to suit most ages and stages. So gather your loved ones for some quality time and laughter.

When purchasing gifts, especially some that might be more costly than others, it’s reassuring to know that they can be enjoyed by everyone – creating greater long-term value. For peace of mind, you can also shop with the confidence that Sweet Elephants have given our tick of approval on their educational benefits and quality workmanship.

Encourage sharing and family fun times

When you choose products that meet more than one developmental criteria, it instantly extends the value of the product to your whole herd. Make the most of the ability to meet joint needs by encouraging cooperative play and sharing amongst all family members.

Playing with Matador Construction toys, Machi Sets, Rainbow Blocks and Sumblox, or mastering electronics with Clip Circuit Kits, are activities where everyone can be involved. Watch with pride as the older ones get a real kick out of helping follow the instructions and demonstrating their learning to the littlest family members.

Our Yumbox lunch boxes are also a hit with everyone – perfect for rubbish free lunches at home, school, the office or take them with you on picnics.

Gifts to hand down through the herd

As with all of our range, we stock products that we know will give enjoyment time and time again. Then when the whole herd has outgrown them, you can safely store them away to hand down to the next generation.