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//Top Picks - Top Toys

Top Toys well known for achieving above and beyond expectations

Our Top Toys section lets you in on our secret A list of the most popular toys across our extensive range. We know it’s a little naughty to play favourites but there’s some items here we believe all household MUST have, or at the very least place on your Wishlist for later. All of the items in here have been personally road tested and have the extra Sweet Elephants thumbs up from both ourselves and our dedicated team of testers (our own children, of course)! Not only do they all pass our tests for quality, longevity and educational value, they each have something special about them that makes them consistent sellers from our site. What’s even more exciting for us is knowing that our customers always find there’s so much more to explore with these Top Toys once they have them in their home.

Toys with Educational Value

What we know about these toys is they each have an aspect of educational value, whether it be fine motor skill development, Mathematics, Early Literacy or imaginary play. Each of our individual product descriptions share with you the benefits we have uncovered for both you and your child, including helpful tips on how to encourage learning through play, or suggested activities to get the most out of our products.

Shop online in the comfort of your own home

As parents, we get that it’s not always easy to shop for good quality products close to home. We know first-hand the challenges of trying to find great quality products in mainstream stores, so we get to do the groundwork for you and you can sit back, relax and shop the range in your own time, 24/7, free of the maneuvering of prams and juggling kids.