Toddler Toys to entertain and educate inquisitive little minds

We all know how busy toddlers are and how much they like to get into everything. Their natural curiosity and need to learn all about the world around them certainly keeps you on your toes. When it comes to gifts, often they’re more excited with tearing open the wrapping paper, than what’s inside. Rest assured, when you choose from our Toddler Toys range, you’ll see them captivated from the moment they tear open that paper.

Choose from a range that will teach them through play

At Sweet Elephants, we have carefully selected the best toys for our Toddler range that will tap into their natural inquisitiveness. We are proud to offer educational toys that stimulate gross motor development such as our Wishbone Bike, Wishbone Flip or range of pull and push toys. Why not inspire learning of colours, shapes and numbers with Rainbow Blocks and Sumblox or hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills with our Iconic Post Box. Encourage pretend play with our sturdy Wooden Trucks and sensory development with our sensory bags.

Gifts that are long-lasting, open-ended and versatile

Like toddlers, our range of toys are built tough. Over time, we have put them through the durability test with our own little ones so we are confident that they’ll stand up to the tests of your toddler. Open ended play – the ability to play freely – is encouraged with many of the items we stock for Toddlers so you can let their imaginations run wild as they create their own play…and not just with the box. By selecting versatile, open ended toys you can relax knowing you are buying a gifts that can be enjoyed by all ages for years to come. Even the big kids love playing with them!