Spatial Intelligence developed through quality educational toys

Spatial Intelligence deals with the ability to visualise and to determine the relationship between objects, people or themselves, and the space around them. Spatial intelligence is important for many functions like, art, mathematics, writing and playing sports and requires an understanding of space, size, order of objects and distance.

The use of educational toys can enhance spatial awareness through the encouragement of constructive play and toys that promote an understanding of the functions required for Spatial understanding.

Providing a range of toys to assist with Spatial development

At Sweet Elephants, we understand the importance of learning through play and continually search for products that meet the specific learning needs of your children. Many of our products are important in the development of Spatial Awareness.

Our Matador Construction sets combine three basic elements of play – movement, motor skills and higher order thinking and are fabulous for developing children’s understanding of the space required between objects when building with wooden construction blocks of different shapes and sizes.

Other examples of products that assist with Spatial Intelligence include Easy Read Watches, Sumblox and Tanabata Star Dominoes to develop an awareness of order of objects and size when solving maths problems.

Products to last for years to come

By choosing from our range, we are confident that we have chosen top quality products so you will love them as much as we do, and your child will enjoy them for years to come.