Special gifts for the older herd members

At Sweet Elephants we stock those classic Toys and products that will evoke nostalgia for one’s childhood, create bonding opportunities for your family and safely hold those treasured memories.

Timeless classic toys that help relive childhood memories

Sometimes it’s ok to be not all about the kids isn’ it? Our collection of Parent gifts has a few goodies we’ve selected especially for the adults to enjoy.

Sweet Elephants collection of toys and gifts will evoke childhood memories of times spent playing with classic toys, long before the internet and electronic devices were an option.

Gifts that promote togetherness and the importance of quality family time

Gifts such as our Matador Construction sets help parents join in the fun with construction play. Grab an opportunity to engage in play with your child and inspire their little mimics to think outside of the square and create a masterpiece together.

Toys that promote cooperation and encourage a joint effort are also loved by parents simply because they make life a little easier by creating harmony.

Keep track of treasured moments to be remembered in time

You’d probably all agree that life is just plain busy some days! The use of technology means many of us don’t get to sit down and put pen to paper very often. A copy of our Weird Things My Kids Say book and a pen close by is a great way to quickly document those priceless things kids say as they happen. Grandparents will love this one too.

Creating a tradition of writing to your baby as they grow with Letters to my Baby cards is also a beautiful way to remember precious moments and pass them on to loved ones in years to come. Write down thoughts and memories to share when the time is right. Or maybe when there’s a special birthday coming up, why not have each special family member write a message of love or share a memory of their own to keep.

  • matador building blocks are super cool. Build ships, ferris wheels, cars, trucks, planes, ball runs, you name it you can do iteducational toys australia

    Educational Toys Matador

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    Pop in the pins, hammer, twist, chisel and create a new and exhilarating masterpiece over and over again-with Matador wooden construction kits there’s no time for boredom! Build a vehicle, an animal, a moveable windmill or even a ball run! Matador will open your child’s imaginary world where there are no boundaries. Combining three basic elements of play-movement, motor skills and higher order thinking, Matador embraces open-ended learning, stimulates communication between friends and parents and encapsulates the creativity innate in every being; is it any wonder that these educational toys delight all generations? Features: *A world of creativity waiting to be explored.  Each kit is slightly different so check out our longer description to work out which is best your your family. Recommended Age: 3+ years (small parts)
  • letters to my sonletters to my baby. A beautiful gift to give at a baby shower or birth.
    Back In Stock Soon
    Imagine how touched you would be opening 10 beautiful cards that contain expressions of love from those who adore you. With our Letters To My Baby set you can now capture those precious moments of childhood, document words of wisdom, feelings and dreams for your loved one. Features: *10.5 x 14.5 blank cards allow you to write with freedom and seal each cherished one in an envelop for safe keeping. Recommended Age: For the whole herd.