Nature toys to promote a love of playing outdoors

There are many ways in which children learn to take in the world around them, as they develop essential life skills and knowledge. A naturalistic learner is like a kinaesthetic learner in many ways. They prefer to touch, feel, hold, and ‘do’ through hands-on learning. Outdoors is generally what promotes learning in naturalistic learners, so as parents and educators, we must search for ways to adapt everyday learning activities in outdoor pay as well as indoors.

Toys that can adapt to different play settings

The nature toys that we have at Sweet Elephants can be adapted to both indoor and outdoor play. We choose to stock products based on their versatility, so we are confident that we have something to meet your little one’s needs and to ignite a passion for learning through play.

Our Safari Toys Mammal Skulls allow your child to embark on adventures that are only limited to their imagination. Watch them wonder and giggle as they dig up dirt and sand to discover the mammal skulls, or chip them out of ice rocks. Expand your child’s thinking and knowledge by exploring bones and matching animal figures to the correct skull. You can also create fossils from the Safari toys imprinting them into clay or play dough.

Another popular activity that adapts well to outdoor play are our Rainbow Blocks. Discover reflection and colour mixing, making the most of natural outdoor light as it shines through the red, blue, green or yellow acrylic centres to transform a child’s world over and over.

Open-ended play at its finest

Our criteria for selecting our range of educational toys includes choosing toys that are open-ended, to allow your children’s imaginations to set the boundaries of what toys can and can’t do – for unlimited play possibilities.