Kids musical instruments to provide comfort and entertainment

Kids musical instruments are ideal for children strengthening their musical intelligence. Children of all ages express themselves through music. Giving kids musical instruments and playing music for babies shows that, even from a very early age, children may sway, bounce, or move their hands in response to music and sounds. Quiet, background music can be soothing for infants, especially at sleep time.

Bringing you musical toys that are made to last

At Sweet Elephants our aim is to source products that provide an educational benefit and are long-lasting so they can be enjoyed by your children for years to come. Our wooden Musical Toy Rabbits are a wonderful solution to entertain baby at playtime, or calming them into a slumber at sleep time. The curved bottom of the rabbits makes them easy for little hands to rock, and the music begins as the bunnies slowly rock from side to side creating a relaxing bell-chime sound. What’s even more exciting is how stunning these little cuties are and how they make a beautiful addition to any nursery or playroom decor.

Continually expanding our range to bring you a variety of unique products

As our range grows, we are continually searching for new, unique products to add to our selection, and look forward to sharing these with you. Continue to shop with confidence knowing that our products are researched and sourced with you in mind, as we are committed to providing long-lasting, quality toys that meet a range of educational needs. So relax, grab a coffee and enjoy the chance to shop online with ease.