Fun maths games for kids assist with developing numeracy knowledge

Our Logical-Mathematical friends thrive off number games, problem solving and critical thinking activities, especially when it comes to meaningful, everyday situations.

A range of fun maths games for kids to develop a love of numbers

Providing a range of fun maths games and educational toys is what we aim to do here at Sweet Elephants. Maths toys allow children to discover maths on their own terms through hands on play.

Our Sumblox are a clever innovation which assist and empower children of several ages to develop a deep understanding of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and fractions whilst engaged through play.

Tanabata Star Dominoes are stunning, bright coloured dominoes which encourage children to learn counting, skip counting, patterns, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division at the same time as learning to stack and build domino tracks.

Telling the time is also a maths concept that is not only challenging but can cause children severe anxiety. There are a number of skills required to accurately read analogue time, including counting number identification and fractions. Our Easy Read Time Teacher Kids Watches and Clocks take the stress out of the process and help to teach time in a matter of minutes in 3 simple steps.

Clip Circuits are also great fun maths games for kids which allow children to draw on spatial knowledge and problem solving skills.