Reading games support linguistic learners

Linguistic lovers learn best through speaking, listening, writing and reading. They learn to think and problem-solve whilst developing relationships and expressing their feelings.

Toys that encourage language and help with early literacy development

Our range of reading toys will equip your little linguist learners with the skills required to develop the language skills required for early literacy.

Some of our favourite linguistic tools include those that allow children to use their imagination to think up stories and write letters to express their themselves to special people around them.

Our Dear Little Letterbox and Post box make it possible for both reluctant and enthusiastic learners to develop a love of learning to write letters as they make up notes and pictures to send to Mum and Dad and even to the Tooth Fairy or Santa. Story Stones are also perfect for developing literacy skills such as retelling, creating sentences, grammar and writing.

Uppercase and Lowercase Alphabet stamps add some sensory play to learning letter recognition and early literacy skills. Using ink, kinetic sand and playdough, even little hands can have fun stamping with the easy-hold handle on each stamp. Set them challenges such as making up their own name, or simply choose letter to stamp and get them thinking of things that start with that letter.

Search no more for amazing reading games to ignite a passion for reading

The search for good quality, long lasting educational toys is made simple by shopping the Sweet Elephants range. We have selected our reading games based on their educational value as well as their quality and longevity, so you can rest assured that your search for tools to ignite a passion for reading and writing ends with us.

  • eye spy bags are super fun. Find items in the i spy bag.eye spy bag is a great sensory activity incorporating fine motor skills and literacy. Find the trinkets in the i spy bag.

    Eye Spy Bags

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    With over 25 miniature trinkets hidden within non-toxic pallets, Eye Spy bags aka I Spy Bags or Treasure Bags are ideal for entertaining your loved one in the car, out shopping, during appointments, at Church-where ever you may go. Picture this, you are on an extended drive to a relatives wouldn’t you rather be the relaxed parent whose children are heavily engaged in quiet learning than the one constantly reprimanding their kids? We’ve all been there…Johnny keep your hands to yourself, Susie stop kicking the chair, Tommy if I hear you say you are bored or ask if we are there yet one more time… Why even toy with the embarrassment and headache when there is no need? How do they use the bag you ask? Kids simply manipulate the pallets with their fingers and bring the hidden objects to the surface.  Find all the trinkets in the bag. Recommended Age: 3-9 years
  • story stones should be included in every junior classroom to help kids create, alter, retell and extend stories
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    Story Stones Educational Tools

    Story Stones educational tools are perfect for developing literacy skills such as retelling, creating sentences, grammar and writing. Story Stones are magical hands on tools for aiding oral story telling,exploring/expanding sentence structure, assisting writing, developing retell and recall, igniting one's imagination and so much more. Features: *Choose from several kits to add to your story library to create even more adventures Recommended Ages: 5+ years
  • sight words are learnt with fun with Zingo by ThinkFun
    Move over Bingo, there’s a new kid on the block and he’s out to add a little zing to your day! Mastering the common sight words is a key step to developing successful readers, especially as they make up 50-75% of written English language. Word games can help take the worry out of learning and make it fun! Zingo Sight Words is a must-have interactive word game which adds an element of fast-paced fun to a traditional favourite.