Learning toys that actively involve children in the learning process

Children learn in different ways, and our job as parents and educators is to tap into their interests and provide fun tools that support the way they each respond to learning new things. Kinesthetic or tactile learners like to be actively involved in the learning process, and learn best through activities involving movement and hands-on play. They like to actually use their hands and move things around while learning whatever is being talked about or learned. Check out our range of learning toys to nurture the kinesthetic intelligence…

Learning toys that suit the kinesthetic learner

Sensory toys such as instant snow, slime and hydrophobic sand, toys that have physical items to manipulate and develop fine and gross motor skills are perfect for the kinesthetic learner.

Our ever popular Wishbone Bike and Flips strengthen balance and the larger muscle groups.

Kinesthetic learning tools such as our Letter Stamps keep little hands busy whilst learning letter recognition, and early reading skills. Use them with playdough, ink pads or even kinetic sand and see what letter combinations they come up with.

Machi Magnetic playsets also involve children in hands on play, where they can immerse themselves in a world of imaginative play moving the beautiful, smooth wooden toys around while they are learning about monuments around the world, and create their own play scene.

Learning mathematics can be overwhelming for a hands on learner when it becomes too abstract for them. Sumblox maths blocks are an amazing mathematical tool that assist and empower children of several ages to develop a deep understanding of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and fractions. Sumblox allow kids to discover maths on their own terms through engaging hands-on play.

Our fidget toys such as our spitting frogs can help children regulate their sensory input and increase concentration and harmony.