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//Emotional Social

Toys online for emotional and social development

Teaching children is not just about them learning to read and write, it’s also about developing emotional and social skills to be able to interact appropriately with their peers, and as adults later in life. At Sweet Elephants, we know that selecting toys based on their educational value allows children to not only have fun, but at the same time they will develop the essential emotional and social skills that are fundamental to their learning from a young age. That’s why we offer a great range of emotional/social toys online.

Giving children the tools to learn to manage their emotions and social interaction will also allow them to develop respectful relationships with others. Toys that encourage sharing, taking turns, interacting with others, imaginary play and independent play are all part of our range at Sweet Elephants.

A range of toys to encourage expression and cooperation

Products such as our Dear Little Letterbox and Post Box are perfect for allowing children to express their feelings towards others, either by drawing pictures or writing cards and letters to their friends and family. Our Toy Crane and Trucks are also a wonderful activity to set up with friends for cooperative play or quiet independent play.

Shop online with confidence and convenience

By shopping products within our range, you can be assured that they have been selected with great care based on their educational value, and potential to teach children the essential skills and knowledge they need within the early years. What better way for them to learn than through play, role modelling and hands on learning activities. We also carefully select products that are long-lasting, versatile and provide a variety of open-ended play opportunities.