The Best Kids Toys available for under $25

//The Best Kids Toys available for under $25

The Best Kids Toys available for under $25

The Best Kids Toys don’t always have to be the most expensive ones in the store. At Sweet Elephants we find that some of our most popular and well-loved toys are the ones in our under $25 category. Hand selected for their quality and value for money, these products are perfect for Christmas stocking fillers, non-chocolate Easter Gifts, extra goodies at birthday time, or simply just great to have on hand when those last minute birthday parties pop up.

Amazing quality gifts that won’t break the budget

A smaller budget doesn’t mean you should settle for lower quality. We look for great value across all of our products, so even for the smaller ticket items, you can rest assured that we’ve scrutinised it in many ways!

Give memorable gifts with a friendly price tag

We all know children love opening presents. Often we want to give them one big surprise, one they will cherish and remember for years to come…but to see their little faces when they get to open a few little surprises as well, is heart-warming. Their squeals of excitement at each unravel is truly worth it! It’s also a bonus to then have some smaller activities to bring out on wet-weather days or quiet time at home.

Giving memorable, fun and thoughtful gifts to pre-school or school friends is equally as rewarding. Knowing that you and your child have chosen a gift that the recipient is unlikely to already have, takes the worry out of the whole process. Plus, you gain a few brownie points with the other parents for choosing a gift that stands out from the rest. And you didn’t even have to get out of your chair to find it. A win for all!