Unusual kids gifts and toys you will boast about

Kids are naturally drawn and charmed by toys but buying ones that kids are going to love and use for longer than 5 minutes can be a real challenge. Sweet Elephants has scoured the world searching for those unusual finds that will have your child bubbling with glee, that are open-ended and have longevity. We understand that toys are more than just fun and games, they are a means for children to discover, take risks, safely make mistakes and build upon higher order thinking skills.

Through our toys we aim to immerse your loved ones in enchanting worlds that enrich their social, emotional, intellectual and physical development. Our aspiration is to get them moving, spark their imaginations and encourage them to be proud of their abilities and positively engage with others. In this way we wish to help foster the multiple intelligences.

Why are toys that are open-ended and have longevity important?

Open-ended toys are multi-functional and multi-age meaning kids are not restricted in their play and the toy can be used in several different ways for many years. Not only does this allow kids to bond with their toys, it saves you space, money and your sanity!

Which toy is best for my child?

You know your child best. First point of call is to go with his or her interests. Is your child fascinated with how things work, or do they prefer to build things? Perhaps they love to words or to get their hands dirty.

Second point of call is having a little insight into the developmental stage your child is at but don’t limit yourself by age. All children learn differently and at different rates.