Personalised Toys

//Personalised Toys

Personalised toys and gifts are winners all round

Finding a gift for a Christening or birthday can be quite challenging-especially when you don’t know what they already own. That’s where personalised toys are awesome!

Purchasing something personalised is a fail proof method to take and shows that you have put some extra thought into your present. Kids love anything with their name on it as it allows them to have a strong sense of identity-not to mention all the warm and fuzzies. Parents appreciate customised gifts too as they become treasured keepsakes and stories to share with their children for years to come. Explore our recommendations:

  • letters to my sonletters to my baby. A beautiful gift to give at a baby shower or birth.
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    Imagine how touched you would be opening 10 beautiful cards that contain expressions of love from those who adore you. With our Letters To My Baby set you can now capture those precious moments of childhood, document words of wisdom, feelings and dreams for your loved one. Features: *10.5 x 14.5 blank cards allow you to write with freedom and seal each cherished one in an envelop for safe keeping. Recommended Age: For the whole herd.
  • personalised santa sackpersonalised santa sacks
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    Imagine the joy on your children's faces as they race out of their rooms on Christmas morning and spy their very own personalised Santa sacks- a christmas stocking just for them. How loved they will feel to know someone was thinking of them. Now, picture this occurring over and over each year as you watch your loved one's grow. Our festive personalised Santa Sacks truly disperse nostalgia for one's childhood and make the perfect keepsake. Features: *Handmade from quality cotton and fully lined, our Christmas bags are built to last. *55 x 75 cm large enough for those precious gifts *Quality cord to keep thoughtful gifts safety inside. Recommended Age: The whole herd.
  • wishbone design trikes and bikes also have great accessories like this pink seat cover.wishbone bike seat covers are a fabulous addition to your ride instantly adding personalisation and comfort.
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    Unleash your inner cool with these bright Wishbone Bike Seat Covers that will have the whole neighbourhood talking. Made from durable silicon they fit easily over your Wishbone seat adding extra protection and comfort. The seats are also non-toxic, water repellent, UV resistant and recyclable. Looking for more accessories check out our flame and flower stickers and personalised name plates. IMPORTANT NOTICE: WISHBONE ACCESSORIES CAN ONLY BE PURCHASED WITH THE BIKE OR FLIP. Recommended Age: 1-5 years
  • personalised plate for wishbone trikepersonalised plates for wishbone bike
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    Pimp your ride with this personalised plate built just for your child and his or her Wishbone Bike or Flip. Features: -100% recycled name plate -sent of alphabet stickers Looking for more accessories to include with your personalised plate? How about flower or flame stickers or a comfy, coloured seat cover? Recommended Age: 1-5 years NAME PLATES NEED TO BE PURCHASED WITH THE WISHBONE BIKE.