Sweet Elephants baby furniture was designed with safety, affordability and practicality in mind so that you can spend time with what matters most; your child. Our furniture grows with your child to make your life and your loved one’s life a little bit easier and a lot more comfortable.

Our Aquila 4 in 1 Cot has a bassinet level for newborns and a cot level for bubs on the move. As your munchkin grows the cot coverts into a toddler bed and finally a day lounge where you can snuggle bonding over books. Transitioning from a cot to a bed is made easy as the child is not sleeping in a foreign place, but in the comfort of a bed he has always known.
The change table considers space and usage. Let’s face it, change tables are not used for extensive periods and can take up a lot of room which many people just don’t have. It is portable so can be placed on the cot when in use and removed when not needed.

Keep an eye out for new products in the future.