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Maths games lead the way in developing logical-mathematical intelligence

Studies have shown that kids learn through fun and games-especially Maths Games. They provide an opportunity for the participants to develop their self-esteem as Mathematicians, naturally building their confidence and motivation and encourage children to improve mathematical thinking required for a solid foundation in Mathematics. Our Maths products focus on several Maths concepts such as Subitising (having the ability to know how many is in a group at a brief glance), counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, location, measurement, capacity, patterns, symmetry, space and shape.
Here is a helpful short list of the product and their Mathematical uses:

Sumblox: number, counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions
EasyRead Watches and Clocks: time, numbers, direction, counting, measurement
Matador: Spatial Problem Solving
Tanabata Stars: Subitising, counting, graphing, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, patterns, symmetry, number, location, problem solving, grouping, classifying
Bird In Hand: Subitising, counting, addition
The Great Escape: Location (Left, Right, Center)
Wooden Rainbow: Symmetry, Spatial Problem solving
Amazing Spitting Frogs: Measurement, Capacity
Rainbow Blocks: fractions
Egg and Cup Puzzle: Spatial Problem Solving