Gross Motor Development

//Gross Motor Development

Gross Motor Skills Toys are crucial in today’s society

In a world full of technology, Gross Motor Skills Toys have never been more important. With kids being less and less active it is vital that we get their little bodies moving so they can master everyday skills such as standing, balancing, kicking and climbing.

What are Gross Motor Skills?

Gross Motor Skills are big muscle movements that are responsible for performing every day functions such as walking, postural control, bilateral coordination, hand-eye coordination, balance and psychomotor skills (completing a task with the mind and body working together).

Why are Gross Motor Development Important?

Gross Motor Skills are essential for self-care. For instance, being able to balance whilst putting on a pair of pants without toppling over or even cooking a meal. They are important for participating in wellness and social activities such as sports, riding or playing at the park. They play a large roll in academics. Being able to maintain a correct posture when sitting at a table influences the effectiveness of fine motor skills (such as writing, cutting and pasting). It is easy to see that not being able to perform some of these tasks could be frustrating for the individual and impact their independence and confidence.