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//Educational Games

Why choose educational games?

It is no secret that educational games are instruments which assist children in learning about themselves and the world around them. Educational toys in the early years lay a solid foundation for success in school and allow cognitive, physical, social, language and emotional skills to be explored and developed. They allow children to take risks and make mistakes in a safe environment and enjoy practicing skills in a hands on and engaging manner.

Selecting educational toys and games

Choosing the right educational games and toys can be mind boggling. We at Sweet Elephants have done the ground work for you and stock many products that are sure to challenge your child’s interest and abilities.
Birth to 1: children of this age group absorb the world through the 5 senses and are exploring cause and effect. Toys they may enjoy include:
-wooden egg and cup puzzle
-teething glove
-sensory bags
1 to 3 years: toddlers love movement. Walking, climbing, pushing, riding you name it. Children of this age are curious in how objects fit together and work. Educational games and toys for this age group are:
-Wishbone Bike
-Wishbone Flip
-Grow Your Own Dino
3 to 5 years: This age takes pleasure in building relationships and playing with others. Activities that can be shared are ideal. Games such as the following are fantastic:
-Tanabata Stars
-Wooden Pull-back cars
-Bird in Hand- counting game
-Great Escape- left and right game
-Eye Spy Bags
-Post Boxes
5+: Children of this age group favour activities and experiences which push creative boundaries. Activities that will expand and challenge kids of this stage include:
-Dear Little Letter Box
-Clip Circuits
-Story Stones
-Tanabata Stars
-Wooden Pull-back cars and planes
-Bird in Hand- counting game
-Great Escape- left and right game
-Eye Spy Bags

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