Beautiful, practical baby gifts and kids educational toys that go the distance and capture those enchanting childhood moments

Our Story:

The phrase Sweet Elephants has always been dear to my heart. My grandfather would gently whisper it to me as a child as he wished me goodnight. My parents then did the same and the tradition has been carried on to my son and twin daughters.

Like all mums I face daily challenges when it comes to parenthood. The first was purchasing a beautiful baby cot at a reasonable price. After extensive research and to no avail my husband and I designed our own. Thus Sweet Elephants was born with the philosophy to bring exquisite, versatile, functional pieces into your home and precious one’s life.

Ok, so we get the baby gift thing, what about the kids educational toys?

Having 3 children under 18 months (totally crazy right?!) made outings virtually impossible. I quickly developed a passion for sourcing unique local and worldwide online finds for my children, their education and special events in their lives. With my teaching background I was really over the loud plastic toys that would either break or my kids would outgrow in 5 seconds-and I know I wasn’t alone in feeling like this. Many of my friends and family felt this way too. So what do I look for? I seek those products that kids can use over and over again in several ways across many developmental areas and age groups; no one likes throwing away money. Products that encourage kids to grow a bond with the material they are using, to develop curiosity, confidence and higher order thinking. I stock those “Oh thank heavens for….” items that solve problems and make parenting just that little bit easier like our Gummee Glove and Eczema range. Let’s face it, this gig can be tough! I am constantly on the hunt for those baby gifts and kids educational toys that you can’t purchase from every baby and toy store you stumble upon-we love the wow factor!

Our Vision

Sweet Elephants aims to bring to your homes and schools unique baby gifts and versatile and long-lasting kids educational toys that instill a love for learning and ignite childhood memories through play. We love to encourage kids to do what they do best-play, but not just any sort of play. The play that inspires the imagination, that is open-ended, that challenges, that is hands on, that engages the senses and that produces nostalgia when one reflects on one’s childhood. It’s important to us that our gifts, décor and toys will be treasured for years to come as they are passed down from sibling to sibling and each generation.

It’s also imperative that we assist our Tribesters in learning how to use our products to their full potential, so check out our blog for some fab ideas.

I am thrilled to be able to share these kids educational toys, games and gifts with you.

Thank you for being a special part of our magical journey…

“Thanks to Sweet Elephants I have never had an issue with trying to buy a unique, good quality and well priced present. My nieces and nephews-along with friends, have been excited to receive gifts such as the teepee, personalised superhero costume, dinosaur egg, or for the littlies, a Gummee Glove or balloon ball. My own son over the past four years has also been on the receiving end of Sweet Elephants goodies. Loving the wooden rainbow (which he still drives his cars under), the Motherscorn Eco-friendly Bubbles which has provided hours of fun and the little letterbox which is still a topic of conversation for many fairies and make believe friends that he says visit his room at night.”
Sam R
“I was just checking in on the kids before heading off to bed myself and what did I see…my gorgeous Piper asleep with the FANTASTICALLY AWESOME superhero cape…Thank you so much. Piper adores this cape and loves dressing up when her brother does (he has a squillion Spider-Man suits). She runs through the house yelling, “I’m a super hero!” Once again THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. From Piper and Viki xxxxxxxxx”
Viki E