When Charlie was 2 years old every word that began with ‘c’ was his name. “There’s my name”, he’d proudly proclaim. Never mind the cyclist and the word ‘champion’ glaring at him on the front page of the paper or the odd logic that his name would be randomly written hundreds of times on the one page. Soon after he quickly learnt that there is much more to words than the initial letter.

Here are a few of our favourite name recognition activities and tips. Before we begin, names are pronouns so we suggest writing or purchasing toys/labels with your child’s name that consist of a capital then lower-case letters wherever possible. His/her teacher will thank you for it!

Fun name recognition activities…Get your craft, sensory and fun groove on!

1) Name everything! I mean everything! Water bottles, lunch boxes, place mat, books, their artwork, their room. Point out their name in their every day lives.

2) Write their name with food-pancakes and snacks. Get creative. You’ll have a lot of fun too!

learn to read your name

3) Fill a container with various sensory fillings such as fake snow, sand, spaghetti, rice, beans, shaving cream, Moon Sand, slime and locate and sort letters that appear and do not appear in one’s name. Once all the letters have been sorted, sequence them to write their name.

name recognition game

4) Create personalized name puzzles by snapping a great photo, printing it and gluing it to pop sticks. Assign a letter to each pop stick for the kids to put in order. This fabulous activity incorporates Montessori self-checking.

name recognition actives for kids. Check out our arts and crafts for preschoolers.

5) Design a name card and write a letter on each peg-brilliant for developing those fine motor skills.

name activities for kids that are fun and hands on.

6) Write you child’s name on a blackboard/wall/pavement and watch your love one giggle as he/she makes the letters disappear with water.

name recognition tracing name activities

recognising letters in your name

7) Send a secret message writing your child’s name in wax and allow them to discover the note by painting the page with watercolours.

name recognition activities for kids

name recognition activities for kids

8) Make a bracelet.

make your own name with a bracelet make great name recognition activities.

9) Find letters from a magazine (cut them out) or during walks (take photos) that appear in your children’s names. Have them sequence to produce their names.

recognising your name

10) Use play dough letter cutters to cut out the individual letters in their name and place in order. Use play dough or cookie dough. Don’t forget to decorate!

11) Wooden name puzzles are fabulous toys for name recognition activities. Tip: remember to invest in one that has a capital at the beginning followed by lower-case letters.

name spelling with puzzles makes a wonderful name recognition activity.

Once kids start recognizing their name and have some letter knowledge the next step in incorporating some written work, check out our favourite how to write your name activities here (coming soon).

What name activities have your kids enjoyed?

Name recognition activities