Every household must have a Mothers Corn Bubble Pipe- see why!

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Imagine…You have just bought a new bubble blower. You are tickled pink with excitement, longing to revisit your childhood moments of giggling as you blew, chased and popped the light, glistening air balls. Sharing the joyous moment now with your eager wide eyed 2 year old.

Your anticipation builds as you journey to the park ready to test the new toy. Opening the packet on arrival, you dip the wand in, watching as the liquid gracefully glides down the serrated white plastic. Lifting it into the air, you blow. Perfect clear spheres dance from the blower, floating higher and higher. You pop one and send a cheeky grin your child’s way. That twinkle in his eye appears as he chases after the bubbles, laughter spilling from his beautiful little lips. You dip the wand once more and hear ‘no, me do it!’

You stop. You can anticipate what is going to happen next. ‘Me do it!’ he repeats with more determination. You try to distract him, pull the wand out to show him how to blow, slightly concerned about his lips touching the nasty detergent. He leans in. Too far. The liquid seal is broken. You try again. “Slowly. That’s it. Stop. Now blow.” But again the wand is left empty without bubbles. Now he wants to dip the wand into the bubble solution. You hold the tube firmly. You know that kids need to feel free to explore, to learn, to investigate. You know they need to feel trusted and capable to develop a positive self-esteem. You want to assist with building his independence however after several attempts and a now bent wand he becomes a little frustrated and wants all the control. You hand over the tube with a tender warning of what could happen. After a few moments he forgets. Bam. The bubble solution is on the ground. The tears start and the moment is lost.

This was the first of many bubble blowouts. That is until one day our bubble blowing days changed forever…

Thank goodness for Mothers Corn bubble pipe

Environmentally friendly

I must admit when I first saw this little gadget I wasn’t inspired but the moment I saw it used I was hooked. Not only is it environmentally friendly, it is practical, easy to use and clean and produces a large amount of bubbles with minimal effort.


Designed for kids

It is a perfect device for kids. It is sturdy, little amounts of non-toxic liquid can be poured into the tray so little hands can hold the tray and the chance of tears dramatically reduced. The tube is designed to prevent liquid back flow and I have always felt reassured my precious little man won’t become sick if he happens to swallow some of the solution as it is made of natural cellulose.

Cost effective toy

The bubbles are long lasting and STACKABLE adding an extra element of fun. The small amount of liquid needed means we have had many hours of pleasure at our disposable at very little expense. A real bonus is not having to continuously purchase bubble pipes at the shop.

touchables bubbles


Everyone reaps the benefits

Let’s face it. Who doesn’t love bubbles? We have used our Mother’s Corn Bubble pipe at parties, weddings, when guests are over and in the park. Each time those present have been mesmerised by the bubbles produced. What we have been most impressed with, besides not having to buy several pipes, is how this bubble blower has helped with our son’s development in a number of learning areas. I hope to write about this in the near future.

Have I had any issues with the Mother’s Corn Bubble pipe? Yes. When my twin daughters turned 18 months they started requesting a turn. So our 1 bubble pipe turned into 3. Would I recommend this bubble pipe to anyone? Most certainly! I promise you, you will never look back!

Click the picture below to see this marvellous bubble pipe in action…

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