Let the voting begin! …construction toys, music, games and old favourites

Yesterday we visited the Melbourne Toy Fair to source the coolest goodies we could find to bring to your home and classrooms and we weren’t disappointed! Picture music, flashing lights and flying objects from our favourite national and international brands. The hardest part is sorting through everything to find those treasures. Check out the latest and greatest in the educational toy world and have your say on what you think Sweet Elephants should stock. Your voice counts and helps us bring you the very best.

First stop Matador for the ultimate construction toy

Ok so confession, so we already stock Matador but we can’t resist the anticipation of what Hans will build each year. In 2016, these little beauties caught our eye and started the heart racing, so we made a beeline straight for this awesome brand. Wow! Wow! Wow! We spent sooo long playing with the various sets and fell in love all over again. There’s a new addition coming to the Matador family later in the year but we have been sworn to secrecy-argh. Rest assured we will definitely let you know when we can reveal the big news!
We managed to film a new toy you can create and build now with the Matador Classic range:

These little guys are hard at work!

OUR SHORTLIST FROM THE DAY. Brace yourself, it’s not exactly ‘short’.

Sticking with the construction toy family

I’m not sure if I just have a love for STEM or this brand has a simple, modern, uber cool twist on construction. They have now included this fabulous brand of robotics. The simplicity and fun of these kits was incredible and will be available soon.

My jaw hit the floor when I eyed these awesome Robotics kits.  I literally had to be dragged away from them. Literally! 

And constructions toys again

Next stop was our lovely friends from Edex. We nearly cried when we were told our beloved letter stamps have been discontinued but we were thrilled with the quality of the new Neopuzzles which will replace our popular Magnatiles-a bit more affordable on the pocket too meaning you can add more to your collection!

neopuzzles like magnatiles are a magnetic toy

Cue the music

The texture and chiming of the bells on this instrument are spellbinding-even for those that missed the musical gene (like myself).

kids musical instruments help kids to learn music kids musical toys for composing music with ease

Get your game on

Boy Oh Boy did we get excited at our next stop. We are still trying to shortlist some of these brain-bending games and hope to see several of them in stock this year. Here a few of a top choices. Stay tuned for more in the second half of the year.

I know a couple of kids who will be lining up for this one!!

What is it about laser beams that is so cool. Confession…I may have been a little spatially challenged with this one.  With the pieces functioning in different ways depending on how they are positioned not as simple as it looks!

There’s been a massive push in the curriculum with STEM at the moment and this is a perfect little game for our little herdsters.

Melbourne Toy Fair

With 3 of our young Herdsters learning sight words this year we are looking forward to test driving Zingo, not to mention Gravity Maze for our marble run fans and ‘Block by Block’ may have been for us older Herd members how still love a bit of a brain tease to keep the grey matter working.

Fidget toys

Personally I’ve never been one to sit still. I’m always twirling a pen or bouncing on an exercise ball. So these guys really appealed to us and had that wow fun factor whilst also doubled as fidget toys. Check them out…

Mmm…we could have played with this putty all day! Guess what?! It also comes with several different properties to collect!

crazy aarons putty is awesome for building finger strength

Pretty cool ha?!!

Can you make one side all blue and the other white?

fidget toys to help calm the nervous system

Brainteasers come fidget toys…winners!


It’s no secret that we love we love play here at SE but let’s face it play can be messy.  Over here we have a large collection of blocks and Lego and we have found the perfect quick clean and storage solution. PLUS, some bags are interactive too!!! Yep, you can colour them in (and wash the colour out) or use it as a road or play mat.

toy storage for lego and blocks

Catching up with our stockists at the Melbourne Toy Fair

The Melbourne Toy Fair wouldn’t be the Toy Fair without popping in to see one of our favourite stockists Roger. He had a surprise up his sleeve this year with a new addition to the ever popular EasyRead Time Teacher Clocks and watches with the interactive alarm clock available in just 2 weeks!

So with all these wonderful new additions to choose from our heads are spinning. Lucky we have the best herd ever and know you will help us decide. Throw us your concerns, questions or must haves, we really do appreciate your in put. As an added bonus to say thanks for taking the time out of your busy day to read our blog and comment, if we end up stocking your favourites we will give you 10% off when we are taking pre-sales!