If this is your first bub, you will soon realise there are a lot more kids in your life you would like to buy for this Christmas. This year you may have found support in your Mother’s Group. You’ve swapped pooey nappy, endless sleepless night and ‘I have no idea what I’m doing!’ stories. You’ve probably laughed and cried and formed some lovely new friendships. With groups, comes people and no matter how fabulous your new support network is, buying a kris kringle present for everyone adds up.

Participating in Kris Kringle is a cost-effective way to celebrate the holidays. It means you can purchase a decent gift that the special recipient can potentially keep forever and not have to break your bank balance at the same time. At Sweet Elephants you can find an array of suggestions that are practical and educational for the little ones under $30.

How Does Kris Kringle Work

Each parent simply purchases a gift of an agreed upon amount for instance between $25 and $30, for one other child in the group on behalf of everyone in the group. The allocated name could be delegated in several ways including drawing a name out of the hat or buying for the baby that was born after yours (with the youngest baby in the group purchasing for the eldest). Usually gifts are exchanged together at a little Christmas get together.

7 Top Kris Kringle Presents For Baby Under $30

kk gift ideas sarah's silks make fabulous gifts for babies

Sarah Silks

Sarah’s Silks are a 90x90cm fabric that is offered in a variety of colours. This non-toxic, natural and sustainable silk is great to have not only for the developing child. The soft gentle strokes of the silk against baby’s skin engages their senses and brains or why not play games as they grow? Some great ideas are:
– peek-a-boo
-where is the …?, (hiding objects under a cloth is fabulous for developing bub’s knowledge of object permanence-that is the ability to comprehend that an object is still there even if it is hidden.
-dress ups
-hand kite
-blanket for teddy
-security blanket

kris kringle

Grimms Rainbow Wooden Stackers

These pieces are a little small for bub to play with at the moment but the small Grimms Rainbow make a sensational décor’ piece and it symbolism of hope and happiness is something to treasure.

kk presents for babies

Grimms Beads Grasper

Now here is a Grimms favourite your friend’s little one is bound to love. Great for developing fine motor skills, this non -toxic beads grasper is available in natural or rainbow will be loved and used forever more.

secret santa gifts for babies

Gummee Glove Teething Mitten

This fabulous teething mitten is ideal for teething babies aged 3 months+ who aren’t unable to hold objects yet. Ease their pain with the cooling teether and entertain them with the crinkle patches and various sensory play tags. Simply slip this glove over the baby’s hand and the baby can munch away and you don’t have to worry about it dropping on the floor.

kris kringle ideas for babies

Push and Pull Along Toy Elephant

This little elephant will make a wonderful companion as your little one begins to learn how to crawl. Once kids are able to walk, they can push and pull the elephant on several wonderful adventures.

secret santa presents for babies that will be special keepsakes

Letters To My Baby Cards

These precious cards offer parents a wonderful opportunity to write ten letters to their baby and have them sealed to be opened at a later time. This is a perfect way to capture memories, record moments, and tell your child, in the future, how much they have always meant to you.

Sensory Bags

These gorgeous little bags can be taken every where. Let the youngest of babies explore the fabulous black and white print up until the age of 3 months, then flip them over to discover different textures.

Shop at Sweet Elephants and make someone’s day with our Kris Kringle presents. If you’re on the hunt for that perfect gift to make your baby’s first Christmas memorable, check out our gorgeous baby presents here.