Make Learning Fun With Quality Educational Toys For Curious Minds

At Sweet Elephants, we are passionate about learning through play and committed to helping you build a brighter future for your little herdster with our handpicked collection of quality educational toys. We promise to stock educational toys and nursery décor guaranteed to inspire your child’s imagination, engage their senses, fuel their minds, and give them the best start in life.

Handpicked quality educational toys

As a qualified primary school teacher, I know how valuable educational toys can be for nurturing your child’s development and learning. The right educational toys can encourage the development of your child’s social, cognitive and emotional skills, build their fine and gross motor skills, and best of all make learning fun.

But with so many toys on the market, where do you start? We have scoured the world for innovative, timeless and quality educational toys that will delight your child and nurture their growing minds and bodies. At Sweet Elephants, we only stock toys guaranteed to provide real educational benefits. Knowing our toys make your little herdster’s eyes light up with wonder and get them excited about learning makes our hearts sing!

Stockists of educational toys for all ages

Offering your child educational toys from an early age will help you build a solid foundation for learning and prepare your little jumbo for kindergarten and beyond.

Our educational toys welcome discovery and learning, and satisfy curious minds across all age groups and genders. We stock a collection of developmental toys from nursery age, to toys for 1 year olds and beyond, to encourage a love of learning.

When you choose timeless toys for your baby or toddler like a wooden train set, wooden cars and trucks, you are inviting fun and learning into the early stages of their life, not to mention creating sweet memories.

Our wooden number blocks sumblox are just the trick for helping little jumbos from age 1 – 11 learn numbers and gain an understanding of maths, while our magna tiles magnetic tiles will help build your child’s gross motor development and mathematical skills through creative play. Our matador educational toys are a popular choice for ages 3 upwards to promote creativity, build spatial awareness and develop mathematical skill.

We know just how hungry our pre-school to primary herdsters are to learn. Encourage reading and writing with our dear little letterboxes and story stones – the perfect educational toys for developing literacy skills and inspiring their imagination. Our easy to read time teacher watch is the perfect gift for pre-school or primary kids eager to learn how to tell the time, while mums can’t live without our rubbish free yum box lunchboxes for hungry kids.

Give your child a gift that will grow with them. Our multi-award winning balance bike will teach your child about balance and how to ride. Make it even more special with a personalised plate.

At Sweet Elephants, we are dedicated to stocking toys that inspire creativity and imagination, toys that engage the senses and fill your little herdster with the wonder and excitement of learning.

Learn to get the most out of your kids’ toys

At Sweet Elephants, we want your little jumbos to use our toys to their full potential. Our articles, videos and free activities on our blog help educate parents, home schoolers and teachers how to get the most out of our educational toys.

We know how hard it can be to keep your little jumbo’s attention. Playing with your child can not only allow you to deepen your bond and create memories, but can stimulate their minds and instil a positive attitude toward learning from an early age. We are passionate about making learning fun and stock only the best products to achieve that.

Educational toys built to last

It is important to us that our gifts, nursery décor and toys will be treasured for years to come as they are passed down from sibling to sibling. Our educators, parents and littlest herdsters have selected, tried and tested each product to ensure we bring you only the best resources that are durable, non-toxic, and safety and quality tested.

We ensure our toys are in timeless designs built to handle the most spirited little herdsters.

Sweet Elephants nursery décor and portable cot range

Create a sweet nursery space filled with accessories that invoke a sense of warmth and wonder.

Our nursery décor, nursery furniture and toys are sourced by Australian mums with a keen eye on quality and safety. When you choose Sweet Elephants nursery décor and nursery furniture, you know you are buying top quality, beautiful products. Our Sweet Elephants travel cot is designed with safety, affordability and practicality in mind.

Looking for a treasured keepsake to give a newborn? Our personalised baby gifts make the perfect gift for a new baby.

Build a bright start for your child today with Sweet Elephants