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There’s so much joy in giving and Christmas is the perfect time to weave some magic.  Join us for 8 weeks of Unique Christmas Gifts Giveaways as the Sweet Elephants team prepares for our favourite time of the year.


To Join Our Festivities Simply:

  1. Complete your email and name details in the entry form to the right.
  1. Create a Wishlist:
  • Open a new browser on your desktop or tablet.
  • Find ‘Wishlist’ in the menu bar click ‘create a list’ (or manage if you have one already)
  • Add your name and email to register for the list
  • Name your list and choose your privacy settings
  • Shop the Sweet Elephants site and click ‘Wishlist’ to add the item to your list (you can add up to 15 items! Woohoo you can fill those Santa Sacks)
  1. Copy your Wishlist the URL  and paste it in the entry form.
  1. Using the bottom section of the entry form, tell us how we could make your Christmas this year.
  1. Each Sunday night beginning 22nd October and concluding 10th December we will announce one mystery Christmas Gift, if that product is on your Wishlist you may just take it home! Ready to be wrapped for someone special.

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Not sure where to start? Check out our personalised Santa Sacks to hold those goodies or stocking stuffers.  Looking for a particular age, browse these fab ideas: