Most of us probably can’t remember learning telling the time. It’s just one of those important life-skills we take for granted that we’ve known all along, so it can be difficult to know how to help children grasp the concept.

Time teacher watch - a watch to teach kids to tell the time


When it comes to raising or working with children, we quickly learn that they constantly ask time related questions well before they are able to read an analogue watch or clock. Even more frustrating is when they ask the time, and you say “it’s 12.30” and then comes the next question “what does that mean”. Of course for toddlers, in their simple terms, its lunchtime, and they’re probably hungry (when aren’t they). But think of it this way…They are learning to ask time as a way of starting to comprehend the length of night and day and the activities that happen in between. Encourage the curiosity!

As they approach school age, and start to comprehend and read numbers, they will start to have more interest in the time of day that events occur. At this point, telling the time may seem an easy skill to pass on to them. It can however be quite challenging when you consider the number of skills it takes to read analogue time. They will encounter counting, number identification, fractions, length, spatial awareness and ambiguous terms such as ‘second’, ‘minute’, ‘hour’ and ‘past’! That’s enough to make any kid feel anxious.

To help them on their journey, wouldn’t it be great to have a tool that they can use to work it out themselves, to watch their confidence grow as they realise ‘I can do it’!

Our top selling educational product, the Easy Read Time Teacher watch helps avoid the frustration and anxieties associated with learning the basics of telling the time – a watch that teaches time in a matter of minutes by following 3 simple steps.

Telling the time with Easy Read Time Teacher watch - a kids watch to help them learn telling the time


  1. Play, language and meaning

Time is abstract and needs to be experienced. Naturally expose children to time related language via everyday events from a young age to add meaning.

  1. Sequencing and pattern making

Family routine charts assist children with understanding time cycles ie. 12/24 hours, months, years.

  1. Number sense

Counting, ordering and identifying numbers to 60 is necessary.
Automatic recall of multiples of 5 permits reading the time with speed.

  1. Identifying the face of a clock

Fully understanding the function and meaning of the hands, digits and their double meaning and comprehending that 12 is the most important landmark is essential.

  1. Selecting powerful learning tools

A clock that can be manipulated with hand differentiation, secret identities revealed and no distracting background pictures.
Use other visual aids including pictures, books, paper plates, watches, puzzles, digital clocks.
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