Just because you can’t be there… Get Meaningful Baby Gifts Delivered

By Dana Flannery

You’re thousands of miles away when you see the new baby pictures pop up in your Insta feed. Each one is a little heartbreaking because you can’t be there for this special time. How do you choose a present that expresses how much you wish you could be there? Here’s our guide to getting meaningful baby gifts delivered.

 Special Baby Blankets

Crocheted baby blankets are a timeless and special gift but not everyone is “crafty”. Giving a new baby something handmade with love is the ultimate way to show just how much you care. Each of these gorgeous blankets has been stitched with care by a mum just like you… when it can’t be you. Best of all, new mums need so many blankets; for the nursery, pram or out and about – so you can choose a design and be confident it will be used – even if you don’t know how the nursery has been decorated. Get your blanket gift wrapped, with a card, delivered directly to the hospital or home.

Meaningful Toys

Whether you’re getting a toy delivered or you’re travelling back and need to travel light, these beautiful, hand crocheted Montessori rattles are baby’s first ever educational toy. The contrasting colours and soft but uneven surfaces help new babies to begin exploring the world using sensory feedback. Perfect for the family who wants the best for their new baby.

baby gifts delivered

Personalised Birth Prints

Commemorate this big occasion with a beautifully designed birth print, for the proud new mum to hang in the nursery. One of the most important factors when choosing to get a baby gift delivered is making sure nobody else got something just like it! This is the kind of baby present that mum will cherish (and use) but can only be purchased after the new little one arrives. When you’re far away, it’s hard to know what baby bits and bobs the new mum already has, so this is guaranteed to be unique.

birth prints

About getting your gift delivered

Sweet Elephants is a “mum run” shop so your order will never be “lost in the system”. All our baby gifts are delivered in a timely fashion, because the store owner is also the picker and packer! We also understand that a meaningful baby gift isn’t just a purchase; it’s an expression of your joy at the new arrival and sorrow at being so far away. We’ll invest the love and attention you’re after – to make sure the new mum in your life understands how much you care.

baby gifts delivered

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