Write To Me Baby Memory Journal: Mel, Casey and Eleni’s Reviews

We asked 5 Herdsters to review the delightful Write to Me Baby Memory Journal…Here’s their scoop…

My name is Mel and our baby girl ‘Charlie’ is just 6 weeks old. I have loved the name Charlotte ever since I was a little girl; Charlotte’s Web was my favourite book!

I have always been someone sentimental, who holds memories dear to my heart. Having a baby record book makes it easy to store these memories all in one place. Every time I put something in, I think about the enjoyment I had reading my own record book, and hope that Charlie will love reading it in the future too.

My name is Casey I’m a mum of 3 my youngest is Maisy who is 6 months old. Maisys nickname is missy moo. It’s important to have a baby record book to look back and read through it to remember all those precious memories because we all know babies grow up way to quick. 

My name is Eleni and I have 2 girls Keira (Kiki) 4 and 1 years old Aria (no nickname as yet but trouble is on top of the list). Having a baby record book for both my girls was extremely important to me, mainly because growing up and asking my mum to tell me things about myself as a baby always ended with “I really don’t remember”. It saddens me to think I won’t remember details about my girls as the years go by.

baby record book write to me

First Impressions…

Mel: When I first saw the Write To Me Baby Book I was impressed by the sleek and classic design. It looks modern, but won’t go out of style when she’s older. Many other books I feel that I would hide away, but I feel proud to have this one on the shelf! Also it matches my home decor. I love the fabric cover too. The quality of the paper inside was really good too; it could have been thicker to allow for different markers not to soak through. 

Casey: I was very happy with the book it’s gorgeous and hard covered which is excellent because it will last for a long time. I was drawn to the overall look but when I looked inside I was also drawn to all the things you could write in it. 

Eleni: I absolutely adore this product and fell in love with the colours too. The texture and minimalism of this book is perfect. 

baby keepsake record book write to me


Mel: My favourite feature was the fabric cover and the nice bold font on the front. I love that ‘Write To Me’ didn’t blast their brand advertising but simply signed the back. This allowed for the focus of the book to be on the child and not the book itself.  

I think the formatting was a little boring and repetitive. I understand that this way it caters to a larger audience, but I feel like they could have mixed the design and spacing up a little. Again, this is something you could work with and scrap book if the pages were a little thicker.

The prompts are really useful I love that there are so many prompts so you don’t forget anything! I really appreciate there being space dedicated to the family, particularly the aunts and uncles which often get missed.

I don’t think the gift for me section at the back is necessary; most parents would buy their own baby book I would assume. There could be more specific promoting to help parents who struggle a little to write, and more fun sections like, Funny Things I Said.

I don’t like the pattern on the inside front and back of the cover. I think it’s got a beautiful plain and modern outside and it doesn’t compliment that design.

baby journal write to me book records all the wonderful milestones and memories of your childs first 5 years

Casey: It’s great that it goes up to 5 years as not many baby books do. It’s excellent that there’s plenty of room to write and put photos. I love how it has all my firsts on page 60 and 61. I even like the fact it has my first Christmas section which no other baby books have. I think the book is great, it has everything you need. 

baby memory journal book write to me

Eleni: I loved and was surprised to see features like My Baby, Shower Hospital Time, Funny Things I’ve Said and Pre-School years. Just a few features that I never found in other baby books. I really think it covers everything that I would want to remember to tell my girls about their first 5 years.

Value…Is it worth the money?

Mel: I absolutely love this book! I do believe it’s worth the RRP $39.99 although dropping the price would ensure its sale. Baby books are so expensive; I don’t mind paying the money because it’s an investment you’ll have forever, however as a gift I think people would be hesitant to spent that amount. I would definitely recommend this book to friends. At the end of the day, most people judge a book by its cover, and anything else is just a bonus! Lucky this book had a good one!

Casey: The book is worth the RRP and I would definitely recommend it to friends and purchase for my friends who are expecting babies. 

Eleni: Yes, most definitely worth the RRP and have recommended it numerous times to friends and family.

Summary Review

Baby keepsake record book by three mums

5/5 Stars 

Mel: This is a beautifully designed book with detailed pages to store our memories. I love filling this out for our baby girl! I can’t wait until we can sit down and read it together when she’s older.

Baby keepsake record book by three mums

5/5 Stars

Casey: This book has everything you need to keep all those important milestones.

Baby keepsake record book by three mums

5/5 Stars

After much research I kept coming back to this baby book. Perfect as a gift too.

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