1 year old toys-if chosen wisely, have the ability to stir emotion, produce “ohs” and “uhs” and be treasured for several years

First birthdays and Christmases are super special. The anticipation leading up to each milestone is full of joy and reflection. Hip! Hip! Hooray! You’ve almost reached this momentous day! So it goes without saying you simply need an amazing gift to celebrate right? We’ve collated 7 of the very best 1 year old toys, perfect for such occasions.

7 of the top 1 year old toys

Outdoor Toys/On The Move

Let’s face it, it’s all about getting around when you are 1. Here’s some perfect ways to encourage movement and independence.

#1 Wishbone 3 in 1 Balance Bike

wishbone balance bike trike

There is nothing more impressive than this awesome trike that grows with your precious one. At 12 months remove the seat and let your little one push the bike around. At approximately 18 months of age, replace the seat for some fun riding. From 2.5 years the 3 wheels can be exchanged for 2 so that your child learns to balance on the bike eliminating the need for training wheels in the future. Yes! No training wheels! Fabulous right? But wait! If you thought that was cool, what if I told you that once your child outgrew the bike you could simply flip the entire frame for extra height and longer usage. You would be impressed wouldn’t you? I know I was. Want to see for yourself? View this video, I know you’ll agree it’s 1 of a few must have 1 year old toys.

wishbone bike

Don’t forget to check out all of the accessories to personalise your bike!

flame stickers Name Plate for Wishbone Bike Wishbone Seat Cover

#2 Wishbone Flip- Rocker, Walker, Ride On

wishbone flip rocker ride on

Like its cousin the Wishbone Bike, the Flip is oh so appealing. With a simply twist and slide mechanism this brilliant toy transforms from a ride-on or walker to a rocker. Magic! See it in action…

wishbone flip video

1 Year Old Toys for the Bath

#3 Amazing Spitting Frogs

These amazing little creatures can be used for several sensory play experiences all whilst developing those crucial fine-motor skills.  Make them spit water in the bath or pool, create a beautiful master piece to treasure or gift, save them from an iceberg or rescue them from quick sand, a spaghetti pond or slime pool.  Kids simply fall in love with these little guys over and over again.

Amazing Frogs water play toys water play idea

1 Year Old Toys to rest and play

#4 Tee pee

Kids at this age love to play hidey! Can you think of a better place to hide than one of these stylish play tent teepees? What a beautiful place to share a book together or even have a teddy tea party.

teepees for kids

1 Year Old Gifts with a touch of personalisation

#5 Personalised Birth Print

It is difficult to pass up a gift you know will be cherished for ever isn’t it?  That’s why we love these personalised name prints!

personalised birth print birth prints Personalised birth print

Blocks make perfect 1 year old toys

#6 Rainbow Blocks

Now we love traditional wooden blocks and Lego as much as the next person but seriously, we know you want to be that little bit different to show that you have really given this gift some care and thought. How about these gorgeous blocks? Little ones can explore colour, texture and shape, but as they grow they become tools for art design, literacy and mathematical learning and creativity.

Rainbow blocks

The best gift of all

#7 You

Ok, so technically you are not a toy, but let’s face it, you are or soon will be the warm teddy giving hugs, the trampoline, the doll having their hair brushed and the pony giving rides. You are the most special gift a child could receive. Congratulations on this very special milestone. We hope you thoroughly enjoy it.

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1 year old toys best birthday and christmas gifts